Kanega Watch

The clear winner.  Simple to use, with the smartest fall detection,  and with its “never remove” charging option, the Kanega watch ticks all the boxes.

Samsung Watch

All the issues of the Apple Watch, are mirrored in the Samsung Watch.  It’s just not a device suitable for the elderly, it’s fall detection ability is not very accurate, its a lot of effort to set up and get working, and when it detects a fall, all it can do is call emergency services.

Apple Watch

One of the two Smart Watches in the mix, but not really a true fall detection solution.  Yes.  The Apple Watch can detect a fall, but it’s an afterthought add-on, not a well-thought feature.  The Apple Watch is simply too complex for most people who need a fall detection device, plus combine this with its… Continue reading Apple Watch


The best of the budget fall detection devices and worth considering if you are very price sensitive.  Not a true fall detection watch and requires tethering to a 2nd device. Must be removed to charge the battery, but the battery does at least last for more than 1 day. It’s also one of the more… Continue reading Lively

WellBe Medical Alert Plus by HandsFree Health

One of the cheaper options, but a lower price is reflected in its lower specs.  Lacks wrist-based fall detection, has limited battery life, and despite its minimal functionality is not overly simple to use.

MGMove by Medical Guardian

One of the better-known brands, but disappointing overall.  Not an actual watch, the MGMove can be worn on the wrist, but still requires the user to wear a pendant.